putting the datafiles in the hdd0:+ScummVM partition

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putting the datafiles in the hdd0:+ScummVM partition

Post by deer8182 »

Hi folks,

does anyone know an windows/linux tool, which can read/write from/into a ps-hdd-partition, when the hd is connected to the computer? I need a tool not only for sending game-iso's like Winhiip_v1.7.6 does.
Copying large games with an ftp connection takes too much of time, since my connection speed is only up to 80 kb/s. You can imagein what a fun it is, when I try to copy Simon 1+2 or CIM over ftp.
It would be much comfortable if I could manage the game installing on the hd from my computer.

Thanks a lot for your answers!

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Post by mdv »

Hi Felix,

This is not exactly an answer to your question; I do not remove the HDD from the PS2. I do have a router and a home network though.

I have been using FTP from my PC. I set up an FTP server on the PS2, with ExecFTP, and then use an ordinary FTP client on my PC to connect to it. When I have a connection I mount the +SCUMMVM partition on /pfs/0/ (send the FTP command "SITE MNT /pfs/0/ hdd:+SCUMMVM". Press Ctrl+E in FTP Voyager to send the FTP command, but any FTP client should be able to do it). Then it's all drag and drop. Sometimes, especially with many files, not so often with large files, the upload hangs. Then it is just to cancel and try again though. Transfer speeds are somewhere between 100KB/s and 300KB/s on my 10Gbit/s network, which is quite OK.

That said, I must confess that I have not yet tried to play the games, but the upload to the PS2 seems to work this way. I started doing this today, which is why I have not tried playing the games yet.

Good luck,
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Post by SilverBlade »

Assuming you know network settings:

Download unofficial Launchelf v. 4.11

Download Radhostclient.

Launch PS2 net from the MISC setting in launchELF.

Drag games/folder to radhostlient window.

Using Launchelf filebrowser, select host: and copy games to PS2.

OR copy games to everyday USB flashdrive of nice size, insert flashdrive into PS2, selecting MASS in Launchelf filebrowser and copy/paste games to PS2 +ScummVM partition.

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