PS2 HDD Users, please help!

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PS2 HDD Users, please help!

Post by d1138 »

Okay, hello everyone, first post.

I've read all of the postings, scoured the internet, tried and failed so many countless times, so now I'm hoping for some direct help here:

I have a PS2 HDD (internal, not USB) and use HDAdvance to boot it. Plenty of files already on my HDD, which I have tranferred both using the PS2 drive and also by hooking it up to my PC and using WinHiip. However...

Whenever I load up ScummVM, it can't seem to find the individual game files on my HDD. I've made an ISO containing a few games and transferred the whole thing to my HDD, and ScummVM itself always boots up, but when I go to search for my games, all I get is "DVD Drive" as an option.

How do I get ScummVM to find the games on my HDD? How do I transfer them successfully to the HDD? I've heard people talk about making a partition on the HDD, which I haven't been able to successfully accomplish.

Thanks to anyone who has any idea of how to help me out there.

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Post by JakeTails »

You have to create a new partition on HDD.
The name of the new partition must be "ScummVM".
When I've done it, you've to upload the games on this partition... you can use uLaunchelf to upload the games by a DVD using a sort of Swap Trick.

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Post by vhrookie »


I use HD Advance to start games from my internal HD on my fat old lady.
I was wondering if the is now 2011 a possibility to start SCUMMVM with games from HD? I thought it should work when I copy the scummvm with games.iso on hd.
Any experience with that?

-Ok I tried.I downloaded the PS2 Scumm files and made an iso to copy on my hd.But when I start the scummvm with hdloader nothing happens but a black screen.

-Next update:made it work to start ScummVM from HD with hdlaoder but I just can scan DVD and Memorycard for games.not the hd.

-Tried different things.could not make it run from
internal hd or dvd works from a usb stick!!!!

Yeah!!! A sleepless nigtht,already 7 in the morning but it works!

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