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HD Advance ISO

Post by vhrookie » Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:05 am


I use HD Advance to start games from my internal HD on my fat old lady.
I was wondering if the is now 2011 a possibility to start SCUMMVM with games from HD? I thought it should work when I copy the scummvm with games.iso on hd.
Any experience with that?

-Ok I tried.I downloaded the PS2 Scumm files and made an iso to copy on my hd.But when I start the scummvm with hdloader nothing happens but a black screen.

-Next update:made it work to start ScummVM from HD with hdlaoder but I just can scan DVD and Memorycard for games.not the hd.

-Tried different things.could not make it run from
internal hd or dvd -BUT....it works from a usb stick!!!!

Yeah!!! A sleepless nigtht,already 7 in the morning but it works!

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