Scaler Tv3x or Scalines3x ?

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Scaler Tv3x or Scalines3x ?

Post by _Marty_ »


I have a little question to the scumm dev :roll: :). it is possible to add the Scaler "TV3x" or "Scanlines3x", the emulate interalce scaler the dosbox used too.
Im playing in window-mode on my desktop (1680x1050) and the tv2x is to small. In the Fullscreen mode, the Gamescreen is stretchted. With the other Scalers, the Gamescreen looks ........brrrrr.....

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Post by Julien »

As far as I know, the team currently doesn't want to add any more scalers.

There are a few old patches for other scalers on the patch tracker, but they are either incomplete or out of date and won't apply cleanly to the last ScummVM trunk source.

See here:
2XPM: ... tid=418822
AdvMame4x and Normal4x: ... tid=418822
Edge3x/2x: ... tid=418822

IIRC there was some discussion about converting scalers to plugins, which would allow out of tree scalers to be used, but nobody volunteered to do the work needed (and I think there was some technical limitations that made the restructuring quite a bit more involved, hence the lack of volunteers).

If somebody is willing to do the work (ie. scalers as plugins), they should post on the mailing list to get some feedback and make sure it will potentially be merged before they start working.
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Post by sev »

That is correct. We are not in favor of adding any additional scalers with current interface, but there are thoughts that it would be good to have them turned into plugins. In this case there will be no problem with increasing their number.

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