What made old 'sound' so good - and why is it hard to get?

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envisaged0ne wrote:I bought a MT-32 back when KQ4 was released. So most of my nostalgic feelings go towards playing the games through it. So,for me, any game that supports the MT-32 sounds best through it. Can't really stand listening the music through anything else. And I just think it sounds the best anyway. Anything else is like nails on a chalkboard to me.
Wow that was like in 87! AFAIK Sierra sold MT-32 directly through mail order and they cost an absolute fortune...

KQ4 was the first game to support the MT-32 by the way. And it might have been one of the first to support Adlib as well.

One area where the MT-32 often suffered was sound effects. E.g. in Monkey Island 2 so many sounds are simply missing on the MT-32 version. But thanks to ScummVMs mixed Adlib mode we can enjoy MT-32 AND sound effects.
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