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Post by LordHoto »

Collector wrote:How bizarre. There is absolutely no reason to do that. It is not as if the game uses CD audio. All that is required is to have the RESOURCE.AUD in the game's folder edit the RESOURCE.CFG to point to it. The more I see of the GOG releases, the more I am convinced that they don't really understand the SCI games.
I guess it's much less work for them to just mount the image than to extract the files, adapt configuration files etc. ;-). Also I never saw them claiming the understand how SCI works nor do I see any reason for them to understand it, simple repackaging the games like they do should be less work ;-).
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Post by bhebing »

As far as I'm concerned they could just give you the option of downloading the gog/iso file and skip the installer. Now I have to run the installer with wine just to get to the game files...

But hey, it's a Windows world...

Anyway: GK1 starts with scummvm which makes me all warm with nostalgia. Now for a test drive.
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