ScummVM 1.0.0 "Shiny Logo" is finally out

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ScummVM 1.0.0 "Shiny Logo" is finally out

Post by sev »

It was just 3.5 months ago when we started to prepare for this release, and now finally the day has come.

Ladies and gentlemen, please greet the one and only ScummVM 1.0.0 "Shiny Logo!" The long awaited, the most anticipated, the best... whatever.

We worked very hard on stability in this release, and in addition to all that goodness available since our 1.0.0rc1, we added a new set of ports for Motorola Linux-based phones (those on MotoEZX and MotoMAGX platforms) and fixed just a few hundred bugs.

The release is available from the usual place, and the full list of changes can be found right here in the NEWS file.

Now jump to the downloads page, grab a build for your favorite device and spread the word that ScummVM is 1.0.0!
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Post by Julien »

Congrats to the team for getting 1.0 out the door!

Now, on to 1.1! 8)
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Post by Reckless »

Big thanks to the ScummVM team!
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Post by bobdevis »

May this project live on for many more years and support many more games and may the devs continue to find their work satisfying.

To bad the freewaring of Discworld to mark the 1.0 event didn't materialize.
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Post by Longcat »

Congratz to the team, and three times hooray to everyone else:)
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Post by Truus999 »

Thanks to all who made this possible!
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Post by glokidd »

Huge congrats you guys, its been a long time coming :)
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Post by ovvldc »

Congratulations and well done!

hippy dave
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Post by hippy dave »

amazing achievement, congrats guys! 8)
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Post by Red_Breast »

I noticed the words 'MotoEZX and MotoMAGX' go flying by when I updated my trunk folder yesterday and wondered what they were (has ScummVM added support for some motorbike games I wondered :?)

Congratulations team. All the best for the future.
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Post by Glorfindel »

Congratulations to everyone! This one was long awaited :)
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Post by Nicadeemas »

Brilliant! Great job guys. Can't wait to play both Discworld games again.

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Post by BeleG »

Congratulations to all the devs and everyone who's ever helped in reaching to this point! :)
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Post by MusicallyInspired »

Hooray for the capital "S"! Yeeeeey!!
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Post by eriktorbjorn »

MusicallyInspired wrote:Hooray for the capital "S"! Yeeeeey!!
Heck, if that's all it takes we can make an even bigger "S" and have 2.0 ready by next week. ;)
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