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Collector wrote:
MusicallyInspired wrote:DOS version is better. Always. The only exception would be possibly KQ6 and that's only because it has high res portrraits and a superior intro sequence. KQ5Win also has an alternate soundtrack.
Agreed. KQ6 is the main reason that I am awaiting the SCI support in ScummVM. There are only about three Windows only SCI games and ScummVM will be a great solution for those, too. For the vast majority of the SCI games, DOSBox handles them perfectly. True, ScummVM will be good for the devices that can't handle DOSBox, but anything that can, there is no reason to not be using DOSBox now. And as far as Larry 7,

http://www.sierrahelp.com/Patches-Updat ... .html#LSL7

And unlike the Windows installer, it will eliminate the need for the CD after it is installed. It can also be used to help set it up on non Windows platforms by installing it first on a Windows machine or WINE and copying over the folder. Only the mounting commands in the dosbox.conf file need to be edited for the platform.
Also ScummVM is just a lot easier for the majority of users once you learn how to use it (not to take anything away from your excellent installers). I also find it generally has better performance than DosBox (minus a lot of tweaking) due to the software structure.
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its amazing to have Larry Laffer games (many sierra titles) on an old mobile phone.

15 years later, and without 386 gems live again!!

and now i have proper age to play.

Thanks to all scummvm team and AG.
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