How to write dynamic plugin?

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How to write dynamic plugin?

Post by karsten »


I wrote a static test plugin (does not much more than registering) and it worked nicely in ScummVM. Can someone enlighten me how can I turn that to a dynamic plugin?

Thanks in advance

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Post by fingolfin »

You normally do not have to do anything extra at all!

However, you can't currently mix static and dynamic plugins. So, if you want your plugin to be built dynamically, you'll have to run
./configure --enable-plugins
and recompile.

If you are not using the confgure / make build system (e.g. if you are using Visual C++), I have no idea if and how you can build with dynamic plugins. But that shouldn't worry you too much, since there is little sense in building dynamic plugins anyway, unless you are working on a port for a system with limited memory :-).

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