Who are Sierra/Vivendi's rights split between?

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Who are Sierra/Vivendi's rights split between?

Post by marzipan »

A check on GOG.com revealed the recent release of Lords of Magic and Lords of the Realm titles, which intrigued me somewhat as I always assumed them to be Sierra's games as much as Impressions'. From further reading it seems that UK developer Rebellion purchased the rights to "some Vivendi Games titles". But does this mean all the games under the Sierra/Vivendi banner are now split between Activision and Rebellion? Indeed, are any other companies also involved? (And on that note, why would Activision still care about the Sierra adventure titles when last year they ditched them and a load of other licenses in favour of Crash, Spyro and Uncharted?)

It would help if someone could shed more light on this somehow as it confuzzles the heck out of me. Thanks.

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Post by BJ_Wanlund »

I'm also not too sure what exactly the rights issues with most of the games are currently, so I'd like to get a crash course in Sierra's game rights if someone could provide that.


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