"Where to buy games", Steam and similar...

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"Where to buy games", Steam and similar...

Post by Charlii »

The "Where to buy games" wiki page is great to have around and very useful especially for new users, whenever abandonware discussions pop up, etc. But I would very much like some improvements to it.

First of all, there has been a lot of discussion about the Lucasarts Steam releases, whether they should be supported by ScummVM or not, how to "hack" them yourself to make them compatible and so on. Regardless of the current decision not to officially support them in any way, I still think they should be listed on the "Where to buy games"-page. The purpose of that page should be to answer the question "Where can I legally buy the games supported by ScummVM", not necessarily "...so I can play them using ScummVM". Of course they would need big warning signs, so no-one feels cheated, but the majority of gamers visiting this site uses Windows as their main OS and will be just as happy to play them natively as though ScummVM.

Futhermore, since a lot of people around here are collectors in some way or another, I think the list should be split between physical copies and digital distribution ones since they are somewhat different markets.

And then I have a question as well, the great Amiga-fansite back2roots.org offers a lot of old games for download, which they claim to have gotten permission for. Almost all of Sierra's AGI games are there. If there isn't any reason to doubt the legality of these files, shouldn't they be listed on the wiki-page as well? Without direct links of course.
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Post by sev »

ScummVM Wiki wrote: Many games supported by ScummVM, can still be bought from companies at the links below.
That list deals only with the games which could be run with ScummVM. For instance, we do not enlist TryMedia HE games there as they will not run.

As of back2roots, it is just an oversight, and anywas SCI engine is not yet announced supported.

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