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Post by sev »

Cirion81 wrote:More suprisingly some people out there seem to have nothing else to do than downloading stuff over and over again.
I suspect that those aren't real people, but some kind of stupidly written e-mail harvesting bots. It happens. The link has been removed.

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Post by Stephen »

Are you sure those two people were not actually proxy servers used by many users?
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Post by Cirion81 »

I pondered that too, but for that the following must have taken place:

1. more than 300 people using this proxy suddenly wanted to have the BASS CD version, all of them within 24 hours on each sunday since I set up the mirror. Maybe all this happened on a LAN party ....

2. isn't a proxy supposed to cache user requests? AFAIK it is, so it must just have dumped the file from it's cache when the next request came.

Also I would assume that the proxy should have a more or less fixed IP address. Both IP addresses where unused when I checked few days later.

No, from a proxy I would expect a different load distribution than the following (excerpt from my logfiles from the days I mirrored the file). The first number is traffic in KB, the latter one the percentage of the overall traffic up today.

4.......4117288 6.98%
5.....16535659 28.02%
6.......1725358 2.92%
7.......2215153 3.75%
8.......1957350 3.32%
9.......2436643 4.13%
10.....3621685 6.14%
11.....8758716 14.84%
12...14225302 24.10%
13.....1232392 2.09%
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Post by Lewiji »

Hmm.: I was averaging 0.3kb/s on the daily win32 snapshot when downloading through firefox - I pasted the link into my download manager and it flew at full speed...Until 81%, it's now going at about 0.01kb/s :shock:
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Post by Adventureguy »

clem wrote:for example there's no download site linked from scummvm for either the German disk or talkie version of FOTAQ - even though that is confirmed to be legal freeware;
As I mentioned it here earlier, there is a download link for [at least] the German CD version of FOTAQ: I wondered why you hadn't linked to this site. Well, for the German Disk version, I suggest someone compromises this version and could post it then on such a site as above.

And about the daily snapshots: Just get a free download accelaretor from the web and you can download the snapshots without any problems.
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