Dev C++ to compile?

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Dev C++ to compile?

Post by glokidd »

Right now im taking a C++ course and it starts off with Dev-C++, then gets into MinGW, then a little bit into Vis. Studio(ok ok its C++ for dummies :lol: ) and i was wondering if it is possible to compile with Dev C++ as that where im at right now in the book.

[Edit]after actually checing out the prog. i found out that it uses MinGW so maybe it will?
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Post by Vinterstum »

ScummVM should compile fine in both Visual Studio and MingW. Unsure about Dev-C though.

And there's nothing wrong with Visual Studio :). I'm a Linux person myself (usually), but Visual Studio is the only thing I really -miss- from the Windows world.
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Post by SuperDre »

I guess the wiki page on dev c is incomplete.. as there is no mentioning of any of the libs that are needed with MingW ... mVM/DevCPP
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