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MusicallyInspired wrote:This section never made sense to me. Why does it have to be 90* off?
At no point does it have to be 90° off. The first three stone puzzles are straight from the Lost Dialogue. The fourth is 180°. The fifth is the pattern on the wall near the end of the game.
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I mean why do some of them have to not be aligned with the tall horns? Was I just not understanding the wording?
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If you take the example posted by Pixman previously:

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At many outposts, a Sunstone sufficed, if darkness concealed the tall horns
So you align the sunstone with the horns.

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At the greater colony a Moonstone was also needed, with the sun dying as a new moon is born.
You therefore need to align the moonstone with the sunstone (and not with the horns, but the sunstone has been aligned with the horns using the previous instructions).

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To approach Atlantis itself a Worldstone was required as well, with darkest night soon to rule the western sea.
And you finally align the worldstone with the moonstone.
So for example the West Sea does not have to be aligned with the horns. It needs to be aligned with the New Moon, after the moonstone itself has been aligned with the sunstone (and the sunstone has been aligned with the horns).
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Hackmodford wrote: Sun Aug 02, 2009 4:35 pm You have to align the sunstone like you did on the first door.
And then align the moonstone to the sunstone (not the horns)
Thank you! I was stuck and this worked! Think of it as continuing where you left off, put the correct sun in the first riddle (from the dig site) to the horns and then, leaving that sun aligned with the horns, match the sun and moon combo from the second riddle.
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