Zak McKracken on Apple ][e?

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Zak McKracken on Apple ][e?

Post by gzsfrk »

I was just curious--while I've been able to confirm that an Apple ][e port of Maniac Mansion exists, I've never been able to do so for Zak McKracken. I had even read several forum posts stating that the A2e port of the game had been announced but was never released, so I figured it was a closed case.

However, on reading the LucasArts History pages today, I saw a reference to Zak McKracken that lists the A2e as a platform to which the game was released ( -- look under the "Original Adventures" section).

Can anyone here confirm either way whether an A2e port of Zak was ever released?


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Post by sev »

I never seen any real traces of Zak in the wild, but of course, this means almost nothing, I'm not expert in Apple ][ software :P


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