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Well, now it's way better than I expected, even some mac versions were included.
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RE: Current Status of FreeSCI

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I read on Wiki that there is a windows version of FreeSCI? Where? I can't even get to any information about new releses on All I can find are releases from 2008. They ever gonna make a new version? A windows version? Or did the project die?

Sorry. Just frustrated and confused.

I have a friend who wants to play SQ6 and KQ7 on Win 7 but can't since they won't run natively and DosBOX is to confusing in his special case.

Any suggestions? Even a full-fledged Win 98 VM would confuse my friend to no end. :(
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Free SCI has been merged into ScummVM. The SCI support in ScummVM is far greater than what Free SCI ever was. I don't believe that ScummVM fully supports either game, yet, but you can use these installers in the mean time. ... llers.html
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