I finally got a load of Scumm games!

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I finally got a load of Scumm games!

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As some of you may know, so far I have been using ScummVM mostly with demos of LucasArts games, for testing purposes (and because I never get tired of the non-interactive fun that is the DOTT demo, only that it didn't run well anymore on my Mac). But now this has changed. Around two years ago I saw a pack of 7 LucasArts games in stores: EfMI, GF, CoMI, FT, Dig, Sam&Max and DotT. I thought that it was cool to rerelease old games like that, but that was too bad it was Windows-only. Back then I had only mostly heard of these games, a few times I saw my cousin play some, and I got these demos (on the X-Wing CD) but that's about it. I did not know of ScummVM.

Fast forward a few months. I discover in my local computer store highly bargained Mac versions of Escape from Monkey Island (I mean, they were at 5€; can hardly beat that). I can understand why they'd want to get rid of it: it isn't OSX-native, and it was in a big box (so impossible to place now all software has switched to DVD boxes). Being a supporter of old games, and knowing the Monkey Island fame, I decide that I couldn't let this opportunity pass, and bought the game. The game played perfect in Classic. Now I am hooked to LucasArts adventure games.

I can't remember when I first heard of ScummVM. But I know that I instantly thought it would enable me to play the PC versions of all these adventure games on my Mac, especially CoMI that never got ported to the Mac. So I try looking for this pack. Unfortunately it seems that LucasArts never reprinted it, as I have not been able to find it anywhere. Then I try used stores, Internet stores, and other such places. No luck. Since I wouldn't have been able to get them from this pack, I acquired the Mac versions of MI and MI2. While they lasted some time, they also increased my lust for more.

But around 2-3 weeks ago, a used offer appeared in one of the "sold out" page for this pack in one Internet (re)seller. The price was a bit steep. Let's just say it was MORE than the original retail price of the pack. I hesitated for some time. Then on a whim I made up my mind and bought it before I could get the chance to change my mind back. I have been able to pick the package yesterday (though it arrived wednesday, but I wasn't at home to recieve it and I has to sign at reception of it).

Productivity is expected to decrease significantly in the next few [s]days[/s] [s]weeks[/s] months.

Anyway, this was just to share my joy at being able to play this load of games (before anyone asks, the CDs are in perfect, rarely if ever used state). Attentive readers may notice that the pack includes Grim Fandango and Escape from Monkey Island. The second I already own so this isn't a problem, as for the first I'll try running it in Residual. And lastly a bonus I didn't expect is the ability to play the original Maniac Mansion separately, using the files in DotT.

By the way, here are the various sites I have checked for used offers to appear - one did evetually, so this could be useful for people looking for them. Notice however, that all the games are French versions (though interestingly enough, DotT has French text, but English speech).
priceminister.com (this is where the offer, that I eventually bought, appeared)

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