We'll miss you, Ender

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We'll miss you, Ender

Post by marticus »

Just thought I'd say a heartfelt thanks to all Ender's done over the past 6 years for the adventure gaming community :)
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Post by bobablob »

Cheers, Ender. Good luck and God speed.
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Post by meist3r »

I'd like to thank you too. This project is really outrageously good and has evolved so much in the past years. No doubt thanks to you (and of course all other devs).

I'd like to wish you a lot of success with your new ventures.
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Post by raina »

Godspeed on your endeavours, what ever may they be.
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Post by Freddo »

So long, and thanks for all the fish! :P
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Post by timofonic »

Thanks for all your work into the project, you helped a lot in making ScummVM the amazing project it is now. Despite being a project "ONLY" for playing adventure games, this is an example of how a sucessful FLOSS project should be made.

I hope you back someday when your life makes it possible. That is, having enough available time and not tired :)
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Post by Glorfindel »

Thanks for all your efforts Endy!
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