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Post by Kastor »

16, I played Monkey Island 3 far before I understood any of what was happening there, I was like 6 or something and I still think that it is the best Adventure ever.
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Post by thenodfather »

I am 31 of the your planets revolutions of you greatest solar star.

I AM, GAAKAAAKKHAAAK, (sorry, chicken bone), Thenodfather!!!
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Post by koalix »

31 y.o. here too...

have most of all of those games, buyed in the first time sold. :)
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Taking the geezerhood cake on my first post

Post by Hlafordlaes »

Well, I am not ashamed to admit I am over half a century old, 55 to be exact. :shock:

I have been gaming ever since I got hooked on Aztek on the Apple II back in the early eighties. I have an Apple emulator and that game on my PC right now.

Actually, come to think of it, my very first gaming experiences were of course pinball and futbolin (Barcelona), then Pong (in DC, installed on a huge bar table) and early arcade machine games, like Battle Zone (Madrid). I impressed one of my first girlfriends with my blazing accuracy at a penny arcade skeet shooting machine using a light-detecting gun. A pinball game back then cost 5 pesetas, something like $0.03.

Gaming continued on the HP 150 Touchscreen (still have that), my first work-at-home computer (and terminal), with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy text-mode game (played while at university in New York City). Classic PC games soon followed on a new PC, and with the wonderful excuse of having children of my own, we got all the Sega consoles as they came out (Barcelona again). Rampage is a title I enjoyed playing with my first son on the first Sega console.

By the time the Sony PSOne came out, I was already a geezer, but gaming continued with great titles like Bloody Roar 1, Oddworld, and Soul Reaver 1.

And here I am, still hooked, and still planet walking (have gamed on every continent except Antarctica :D). A die-hard Duke Nukem fan, I am patiently awaiting the release of DNF, which actually seems to be about to happen (give or take a year or so. :wink: )

It's time to install Full Throttle, DOTT etc on my rig, so I came back to ScummVM to see what was happening (apparently a lot!).

'Nuf said, gotta go "rip 'em a new one!"
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Post by Miktian »

I'm 18
and this is my first message xD
My first adventure game was myst ( I was 9 years old °_°), and my absolutely favourite adventure game was MI ( 1st 2nd 3rd and the 4th, please don't say nothing about the 4th xD)
sorry for my bad English and greetings from italy!^^
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Post by perwel2 »

23 years in the earth
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Post by Mrs.Threepwood »

22, and new here!
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Post by zrina7 »

i'm 17. I still remember watching my sister playing Monkey island 3 demo and leasure suit Larry 6, my two favorite point-and-click games.
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Post by jackcos »

I'm 15, but I'm going to put up the record for the youngest person to buy a ScummVM game.

I bought DOTT when I was around 8/9 :D

That was back in the days of PS1, I used to buy any CD's that looked liked games in the hopes of them working on my PS1.

It didn't work.

Fast forward to last year. I found Broken Swords 1+2 at Game for a fiver (I remembered these games from a PS1 demo I played when I was younger), and they didn't work on my PC. I found ScummVM through a Google search which led to me remembering abut DOTT.

I then searched for other games, and true enough I had Sam and Max as well! (I bought it because I had played the new Telltale games of S+M)

Youngest ever ScummVM carer?
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Post by Longcat »

No. I got MI for my 6th bithday.
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Post by CyberAxe »

I'm 24 started playing adventure games when i was about 10 (the DOS age is the Golden age of gaming imo)
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Post by MusicallyInspired »

I'm 24 and agree that the DOS age was the best age ever. Started playing adventures when I was like 4. I remember waking my parents up early in the morning to ask how you spelled "suit" for Space Quest II (I actually learned most of my reading/spelling/typing skills from Sierra's parser games). I also remember not wanting to play Maniac Mansion because it scared me every time Ed came down to the kitchen when I had somebody there.
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Post by CyberAxe »

MusicallyInspired wrote:I also remember not wanting to play Maniac Mansion because it scared me every time Ed came down to the kitchen when I had somebody there.
That still spooks me
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Post by sirskunkalot »


I believe, this thread is the best to start in this forum. Before I digg deeper into ScummVM-related things ;)

I'm 23 years old and my first (Point-and-Click) adventure was Discworld II on a 133 MHz Pentium Machine I think.

I can remember that I couldn't manage to get this damn game running. So my dad, who never had a PC (or maybe anything electric) before, called an IT-"Specialist" and paid around 100 DM for getting DWII up and running :P

Before that, I was totally into handhelds and consoles (From GB to NES to SNES to SEGA MegaDrive and so on).
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Post by slammerinho »

30. this is my 17th year as a gamer and i played a lot of cool and not so cool games. Lets just say that scummvm is an answer to all my prayers :)
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