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Post by envisaged0ne »

I know I put my age already, but I guess I'll add a little more about my adventure game history.

Again, I'm 38. I had 1st tried the Zork games, but I just found them rather boring and couldn't really get into them. The very 1st adventure game that I really got into was The Crimson Crown. It just used simple line graphics, but was a very fun/addictive game. After that, I got King's Quest 2. Played it on a computer that only used RGB 4 colors. Looked pretty ugly, but I loved the game and ended up buying just about every Sierra adventure game that came out since then (as well as finally getting KQ1).

When KQ4 came out, I saved up to get a Roland MT-32 to hear the amazing music on the new SCI games. Making only about $3.75/hour and not working very many hours a week cause I was still in school, it took a long time to save up the $530.00 to finally get it. But it was well worth it and blew me and my whole family away when we heard it. My Dad worked at IBM and invited some of his friends & co-workers over to hear it. It was was an amazing breakthrough at the time. I still have and use it to this day. Even though lately, I've been using the MUNT emulation more than the actual MT-32 device.
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Post by tsoliman »

Wouldn't it make sense to make the graph based on birth year? That way you wouldn't have to adjust it ever.

Age 32 btw. Nice round number.
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Post by CaptainJei »

I'm 34. My first computer was a PC Jr., and my first game was King's Quest 1, which was brand new at the time.
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Post by guybrush376 »

Almost 14, playing since 12
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Post by drumhead »

I am 39, been playing since I was 13.

Fav scumm adv:

Monkey Island 1 and 2
Indiana Jones and Fate of Atlantis (just bought it on Steam)
Indiana Jones and the last crusade
Grim Fandango
The Dig

Fav Games:
Retrogaming in general (C64 classics like Last Ninja, Pirates etc...)Mame and Indie Games.

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Post by monster99f150 »

I'm immortal. I play adventure games forever.
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Post by MusicallyInspired »

27. Been playing adventures and other DOS games since I was 4 years old.
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Post by marnix96 »

i'm 15 now, and started fate of atlantis when i was 6... must've played humongous games from... 4 i think?
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Post by Orologiaio »

I'm 29, playing on PC since I was 11 (on gameboy since I was 7) and loving adventures since Monkey Island 2. I usually install ScummVM among the first thingsI do when I put my hands on a new device :P
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    Post by spk64 »

    I'm 24 years old and I'm playing PC since i was 7 years old
    Commondore 4ever^^
    I've played so far, not all available Adventures
    but i have now, from 7 to 24 years, around 500 games.
    I played them all and around 20 of them more than 100 times.

    I like Games and hate TV^^
    I love that interactive TV with name PC! XD
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    Post by piksi »

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    Post by Moodyman »


    My first adventure game was Maniac Mansion, I was six years old (1990), then I came into Monkey island, dott, etc..

    And I still loving it! maybe for nostalgia? :)

    I remember that maniac mansion was installed by my aunt on my 386.. and I had all the codes on b/w photocopy... CIRCA 1991 I saw monkey island in a magazine.. and I told to my mom. "I want the game with the box, I want the box, not only the flopies !! " And since that I had and still having my original lucas arts games boxed :P
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    Post by Catweasel »

    19. Was playing KQ before Kindergarten. :3
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    Post by guybrush376 »

    Nobody in my grade knows what DOS is, much less SCUMM or SCUMMVM
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    Post by dag »

    I'm 31. The first adventure game (aside from text-adventures) I played was the first Kings Quest, back in 88 I believe it was, on a cga 4-color monitor. Ahhh those were the days!
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