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Post by shanemender »

Hello everyone ! !
I am new on this forum.My name is shane.I am 37 year old.
I've been playing adventure games since my family got my first Ps2..
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Post by Paolo86 »

My name is Paolo. I'm 22. Almost 23 (in a month) .I've been playing adventure games since I was 5 . My first one was Day Of The Tentacle. Loved the whole genre since then.
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Post by TurtleInTime »

I'm 28 and live near London.
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Post by allenborder »

Hello everyone ! !
I am new on this forum.My name is Allen.I am 29 year old.
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Post by federrer »

I am 25 year old and have lot of dream to make copelete from here.
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Post by JamesWoodcock »

28 :)
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Post by Attila_Iron »

I'm 23 now and I started playing adventures at the age of nine or ten or something like that. My first adventure game was INDY3, then came FOA and MI2.

Anyway, does anybody remember the message:


This is the reason why I love scummVM since 2003.
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Post by ERKAN »

The name's Eugene
I'm 16
Started playing quests in 1996, when I played Fate of Atlantis at my friend's house
Heard about ScummVM in an article at a teens magazine in 2003 and since then I've been enjoying every game played in it!
Thanks to FoA, Hugo adventure games and Simon the Sorcerer game series, I got enthusiasm to learn English, so I don't have a funny Ukrainian english accent!
Thanks to Adventure Soft, Lucasarts and GDA!
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Post by torsktunga »

19 here

the first game i ever played was DOTT when I was around 6.
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Post by Wizard Of Odd »

30 here.

First LucasArts game I played was Monkey Island 2 on the Amiga when I was about 12.
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Post by Nagra »

The first adventure game to me was Indy3, or was it MI1? I'm not sure. It must have been in 1991 or 1992 and I was a proud owner of a Soundblaster Pro AND a Roland LAPC-I in those times...
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Post by Eduardo »

29 here, from Argentina. First Lucasarts game was Secret of Monkey Island VGA, bought in a local newstand when a company named ERBE published "game classics" in magazine format.
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Post by artart78 »

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Post by addyaustin »


I loveeee monkey island games..i don't even remember first time i played it!
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Post by rony1434 »

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