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Post by bobdevis »

I am 28.
When I was 16 (1996) I saved up enough money to buy my own PC (AMD K5 based) so I could play Quake1 and Myst. I became a passionate member of the burn & trade group at school using the awesome new upcoming thing called CD-R.
I remember making archives spanning like 45 floppies to move stuff before getting my CD writer. Oh the good old days..... :)
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Post by Kisdra »

21 here !

I still remember my first adventure game, it was The Secret of Monkey Island on Atari ST, with its 4 floppies, and the fear of error during the floppy change… :roll:
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Post by chojin »


Got in touch with Larry Laffer when I was 11. Not the best start into adventuring probably, but he tought me some english words. Most impressed by MI2, Indy4 and DOTT in the following years, I became a P&C adventure fan. We spent afternoons hunting pixels, combining all items in the inventory and translating dialogs trying to solve those puzzles. "That doesn't work"...
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Post by filipetolhuizen »

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Post by Telev »

I'm 30. This is my first post.

I'm begin games with Space invaders, Diggers and Pac man on a PC/AT 286.
Next, I have 386 sx33. I discover "Alone in the dark" on the release. My favorite game.
After, Indiana jones, Monkey Island, et other lucasart games.

Sorry for my english.
Greeting from Belgium.
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Post by NLS »

I am 35.

I started with computers when I was 9, my first own computer (if you can say "own" at 9) was a CBM64, but not my first involvement with computing, that was with a friend's VIC20 and I still like to mention my Atari 2600 console (ruled!).

My first adventures where on the CBM64, where it had some version of the original Adventure, various other text based adventures, then some "character graphics" ones and then it moved to "modern era" with many many other.

The rest is history.
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Post by quackshot »

I'm 22 and I'm french !!

My firsts computers games were day of the tentacle & lands of lore in 1993 (I was 7), I know now that I was lucky !! It was on my brother's computers : a intel 486DX 33 with 4MB RAM; 2X cd-rom drive and the famous SB16 ISA!

But my best adventure game (point & click!) is a game that I played in 2006 : "Monkey island 2" .... yes no error ! I don't played this game when it had released in 1991 or some time after but I realy love this game ! it's the evidence than it's a great games.
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Post by EugeneE »

31 years old. Going to be 32 as of April 30.

My first taste of Lucasarts was in 1992. My grandparents bought me an old Commdore 64 which came with Maniac Mansion and I was hooked after that.

I own most of Lucasarts Scumm games but not all of them, still need to buy Loom, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Loom.

Update: I now own Loom and Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade
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Post by doomer »

I am 25 years old, thank you for asking.
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Post by mynabyrd »

Fifteen here!

I started using SCUMMVM for the Humongous Entertainment games that I played as a little kid.

It's awesome. They're every bit as fun and entertaining as I remember them.

I still can't get over the "Salad Liberation Front." Pajama Sam is so awesome.
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Post by Harry »

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Post by Graxer »


Since I was young I have been playing games compatable with ScummVM (Freddi Fish, Broken Sword, Space Quest, Indiana Jones FOA, and, now that SCI is supported, Eco Quest and Dr Brain.) but didnt realise it until I discovered the Dreamcast homebrew scene. When I heard of ScummVM I thought it was brilliant that I could play these games on my Dreamcast.

Once I discovered how many platforms were supported I got hooked and now play ScummVM games on my PC, Dreamcast, Wii, and Mobile Phone.
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Post by maximus »

28 here. Started with the older AGI adventures. The first boxed game I actually owned was KQ2 (still have the discs somewhere :P).

Hell, those games started me down the path to software engineering as well (wrote a crack for PQ2 when I was 11 since I lost the manual and got tired of constantly waiting for the mugshot to be Bains :P)
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Post by pilaxoft »

Well, well, I´m gandpa couse I played conversational adventures in a Sinclair´s Z80 in b&w.
I´m 41, don´t tell anyone, they think I´m 10 couse I was born in 02/29/1968. So, I´m the younger one becouse I´m 10.

Thanks for this web and for the marvellous ScummVm. I´ve played almost 12 games under pocketpc scumm in my hp1940 and I´m going to play some others in the future. I´ve been plenty of happyness playing in the go: at the dentist, at the market, in my car awaiting to start driving...
Thank for those people that help me. I´m still an newel iniciatic child.

Sorry about my poor english. I´m spanish people from the Vasque country in the north Spain.
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Post by soniq »

i'm 27.

my first adventures were monkey island 1 vga and fate of at atlantis on my neighbors then brand-spanking-new 386. i remember that he called me to come over to play after his dad had set up the machine.
it was already late in the evening, but luckily a friday, so i stayed over for the whole weekend and we played all day and night long - until his parents would get up sometime during the night because of the noisy and loud pc speaker. :D

man, were tthose game an awesome new experience, we've only played his c64 and my nes before that.

good times
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