Beneath a Steel sky : Redone Music

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Are these remixes terrible

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Instant Mix
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Beneath a Steel sky : Redone Music

Post by Instant Mix »

I've seen old threads trying to redo beneath a steel sky's music , and they died.

Me , being who I am , Found the midi's imported them into reason , had to do shitloads of crap becuase you would not believe how tricky the time signature is , And remixed them.

I have The Linc Matrix redone MP3'd.. Linc Area and Belle Vue

Linc Area ( subterranean )


Belle Vue.mp3

Enjoy guys. C&C Appreciated

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Post by iPwnzorz »

These aren't bad! Good work.

Instant Mix
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Post by Instant Mix »

Thanks dude


There is another version of the Linc Matrix. , same beat but a few instruments have changed and been duplicated.

And for all those amiga fusspots : I made a sped up version of Belle vue to give you that fast , cat wailing sound violin type thing minus the cat wailing violin.

Wait until you hear the factory music. I like that tune the best out of all of the ones I've done.

Instant Mix
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Post by Instant Mix »

Sorry guys... I just couldn't hold on any longer...

Released the factory! Woo!
Honestly , very armyish , very formal , compared to the press room.
Pipe Factory / Radioactive Room

Holy crap , I just reversed it and some of the notes could go well with an outroduction!

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Post by selmi »

it will not get into my top10, but its not bad. good work!

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Post by MisterSentient »

Nice. A before and after might be interesting for comparison.

Instant Mix
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Post by Instant Mix »

Before and after you say? It can be done.

Also... Do I hear the courtroom? Yes , It is being very sinister. And I've also got the goddamn time signatures!!
the linc matrix is weirdly 7/4.. Very weird.

And I've also got the notes for the sinister bit at the end.. And I like to play it :D.
Anyway , Coutroom coming and possibly a before and after.

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Post by Robot_Maker20 »

Have you redone, or considered redoing, the intro music from the floppy version? That's one of my favourite tracks from the game - in fact, I prefer the floppy intro to the CD one because it has music, even though it doesn't give the backstory.

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Post by JamesWoodcock »

Hi everyone...

Just to let you know that my BASS enhancement hasn't died. I am trying to get Discworld soundtrack ready for release working within the game and then I am remixing Simon the Sorcerer as well.

As soon as those are done... BASS is next.

However I am interested to see how the BASS tracks here progress :)

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