Visit Transylvania, at no cost

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Visit Transylvania, at no cost

Post by clone2727 »

Many thanks to Alcachofa Soft for releasing as freeware their previously commercial game: Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back.

It was quite a lengthy process which started in November of 2005. We were contacted by someone who offered us a direct lead to Emilio de Paz from Alcachofa Soft, S.L., the software house that created this game in 1996. Finally in July '07 we received the sources and a few months later they finally freewared it and gave us an official permission distribute the game.

The original version of the game is in Spanish with full voice overs and subtitles. Then there exists an English version with full voice overs and subtitles, and finally there are subtitles in German, French and Italian. Of course, there is also a full musical score which came as a set of audio tracks on the CD (the game was CD-only). We improved the English and Italian translations, and made all that was mentioned here ready for download.

In order to play the game you will need at least the English pack. Then you may optionally download the music pack, and the international pack which contains all those additional languages, Spanish included.

We hope that this will really extend the lifetime of the game and wish the best to Alcachofa Soft.
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Post by Reckless »

Wow! This one looked good but have never seen it available :( So this is great news. Kudos to all involved :P

... and I want a copy of 'The Abbey' but it's not out in the UK (something that happens all too often these days!)
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Post by zoppologo »


p.s.: the audio pack seems to lack "track31", i.e. the track of the story about Von Braun :wink:
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Post by SiRoCs »

p.s.: the audio pack seems to lack "track31", i.e. the track of the story about Von Braun
Yes! I noticed that also!
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Post by Freddo »

Very cool 8)

Just played it for a few minutes and it could be fun.
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Post by Ozzie »

Already have it, but it's cool to see it freewared!
The game is no masterpiece, but it definitely deserved a bigger audience, like it happens now. :)
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Post by Crimsonskies »

This is great news! I've wanted to see what Drascula was like since it was announced that it was now working in 0.12.0. The voices being included with the game is also great news. Thanks! :D
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Post by iPwnzorz »

Freeware seems to follow you. Congratulations!
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Post by Eilhan »

This is fabulous news! Thanks to everyone involved, especially Alcachofa Soft for allowing us to download the game :) I'm really looking forward to playing this game.
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Post by KevinW »

Great News!

Is there any chance for a release of a flac-musicpack?
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Post by arkhan69 »

The support of this game is really great news!!

I have a question thoough : you say you improved the english and italian translations. Is there a way or are there tools to improve the other translations as well ?
I'm willing to do the job for the french version, could you tell me how to do this ?

Thank you in advance.
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Post by sev »

arkhan69 wrote:I'm willing to do the job for the french version, could you tell me how to do this ?
That is great! There is file tools/create_drascula/staticdata.h with almost all messages in the game. You can start with those.

There there are .ald files with dialogs and that picture with the verbs. Italian guys were successful with improving those too and have the appropriate tools. Contact me off-board for further details.

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Post by Glorfindel »

Hi, I'm the guy who coordinate the revision on italian texts; I've posted all the tools we used on this topic, ask there for more informations.
We have translated: .ALD files (hotspots), .CAL files (dialogues choices) and some .ALG files (backgrounds, the menu in the high part of the screen is an image, so we have edited it)
The only thing we haven't managed to translate are credits, someone know in which file they are located?
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Post by shipshape »

Thanks to the people who own this game for making it a freeware game. Thanks to the people at Scummvm for all that they do. In case you all may have noticed I am sorta new here. I have been visiting this wonderful site for more than a year. Please keep up the good work being done here.
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Re: Visit Transylvania, at no cost

Post by SirGraham »

clone2727 wrote:We hope that this will really extend the lifetime of the game and wish the best to Alcachofa Soft.
Is the original English CD version also available for free as an untouched, 1-to-1 accurate ISO? Since it's freeware now, this is the best method to preserve it forever...

Will such a version work under ScummVM as is, by the way?
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