ScummVM 0.12.0 " " was released

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Post by selmi »

what about PalmOS port? I hope it didn't died completely...

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Post by SuperDre »

Hmmm.. the downloadpage for the Windows installer keeps crashing IE7..

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Post by darthjdg »

Can we have a compiled Palm OS port pleeeeeeeeeeeeease! A fully working Palm OS post is my only chance to stop my wife moaning about me playing too much. :)

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Post by eriktorbjorn »

SuperDre wrote:Hmmm.. the downloadpage for the Windows installer keeps crashing IE7..
Odd. I just tried it myself on a Windows box, and IE7 (7.0.5730.11) didn't crash for me, and the file was downloaded.

I guess you'll have to send a bug report to Microsoft.

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Post by Kortes »

Just wanna say big thanks to SCUMMVM crue for this great release!I was waiting for half a year to play woodruff on my ppc,unfortunatly I've got some bugs, but this is for another topic , and again - Great work guys!It's fantastic %))))

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Post by LurkerScum »

Great Work! I can confirm that the spanish version of Woodruff and The Schnibble of Azimuth works perfectly. Thank you very much!

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Post by shipshape »

Thanks for the scummvm version 12.0 being released. It is an awesome application. Does anyone know when backyard basketball will be supported? I have it on a cdrom that I bought from the library. I also bought backyard baseball from the same library.


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Post by Exoskeletor »

good work guys, please keep it up and we will help in any way we keep
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