default output sample rate

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default output sample rate

Post by domino »


i would like to know what output sample rate scummvm uses by default when playing games which uses mp3 made from audio cd

is it 22050?

another question is - when i want to play some newer scumm game, lets say curse of monkey island (which i think uses 44100kHz samples), is scummvm still using by default 22050 sample rate or should i change it to 44100 by myself?

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Post by fingolfin »

The default output rate on most systems is 22050 Hz. (On the PS 2 it's 48kHz, and it also varies for WinCE, Palm, Symbian devices).

It doesn't make sense to increase it for CoMI, since CoMI only provides 22050 Hz data, so you gain nothing by changing the output rate to 44100 Hz (in fact you loose speed, and it's likely that your OS does a better job at up-sampling than ScummVM currently does, so the quality is probably *worse*).

The only case I am aware of where it would make sense to use another output sample rate are indeed games with a ripped Audio CD track (MP3, Ogg, FLAC). But since ScummVM can't know during startup which sample rate you used to encode your sound data, it can't automatically switch to another one. Hence you must explicitly specify any alternate output rate (you can do that in config file).

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Post by LogicDeLuxe »

A higher rate would also gain precision in the synthesizers, I think.
MT-32 natively has 32 kHz, iIrc. And the FM-Synthesizers should support an unlimited response in theory.

Though, for the none MIDI games, even GF still is 22kHz. EMI finaly got 44100 Hz (using MP3 with frequencies up to 16kHz), which helped the sound track a lot, imho.

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Post by eriktorbjorn »

LogicDeLuxe wrote:A higher rate would also gain precision in the synthesizers, I think.
Yes, the README file even mentions that there is a case where the BASS Adlib music will sound noticeably better att 44100 Hz.

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