Classic LucasArts adventure game titles may be revived

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scoriae wrote:Granted - there is a slightly better benefit to re-release LA games, in that they go for quite a bit more used than sierra games do. Anyone can spend 50 bucks and get original dos copies of the entire KQ collection, with original media, manuals, etc. That same 50 is a downpayment on a decent copy of many LA games.

Might help discourage all the pirating as well if people weren't expected to pay absorbent amounts for an old game. I'm sure there are many scummvm users with illegal copies if for no other reason than they don't feel that $100+ is a fair price for Loom. Granted, some people do it anyways, but that price point only encourages that type of behaviour.
Granted that you can get the older King's Quest collections a lot cheaper, now since the release of the new collections, they used to go for a great deal more. Something like the QfG Anthology can go for a great deal more. Even so, some individual games can go for a fair bit of money. Even with the new collection, the original KQ released under the IBM lable just went for about $70 dollars on eBay. The point is that re-releasing these games lower the price on the used market, but not for certain collectors items.
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Well, if LucasArts released these games to places like, then the secondhand prices on ALL their games would drop precipitously!

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oh, yuk yuk yuk, only DS.. I'd rather play them on my PS3 because the DS sux big time..
I hope they will do a 'virtualconsole' kind of thing with these games for all current consoles, so xbox360, ps3 and Wii owners can enjoy these games...
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