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Repetita Juvant

Post by clone2727 »

Even if we won SourceForge's Community Choice Awards 2007 in the game section, ScummVM is not basking in the shadows of yesterday's triumphs.

New games are continuously being worked on, and compatibility for supported ones is being constantly improved. In short, our team is going to sweat its way through the upcoming summer.

We know you think we deserve to win without a fight, but let's do things by the book. So please, help now with the nomination phase and cast your vote for 'Best Project for Gamers' (requires registration at SourceForge).
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Post by glokidd »

Done :)

I also nominated you guys for "Most likely to change the world" as they clearly forgot to add "For adventure gamers only" after the the catagory name :P Who am i to judge someone for a simple typographical error :) It was clearly implied.

Best of luck guys, heres to also landing the "Best Overall Project" Catagory as well, you guys deserve it.
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Post by hippy dave »

nominated 8)
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