1st Post: What are my options to play DOTT on Windows 2000?

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1st Post: What are my options to play DOTT on Windows 2000?

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1st post here. SSIA.

I searched the index for this answer, d/n find it.
Any advice?

If DOS is your suggestion, any experience or insight you can give?
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Post by timofonic »

Short answer: You don't need DOS or practising voodoo for playing DOTT (Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle), just use ScummVM, you can get it in the download section. As you use Microsoft Windows system, find the Windows Installer in that page.

Long answer (and maybe boring):

Go to the main page, select the Downloads section and choose the binary/executable/installer for your platform, in your case download the one for for Microsoft Windows.

ScummVM is an interpreter of adventure games, is not an emulator (and isn't wine). It uses the original data reimplementing the executables in a portable way so it will be able to run on other systems that weren't originally designed (like Nintendo DS, Symbian, MacOS, AmigaOS, PSP, Windows, Dreamcast, GP2X, Windows CE/Mobile...) and with other interesting additions like different audio options, video filters, fixing certain bugs in the original game...

Interpreting the original data instead emulating a whole system means saving tons of computer resources and better portability, that's why it can run on lower end devices like Nintendo DS or cell phones.

So get it now! It's free (as in beer) and FOSS (as in a bunch of geeks working on it and loving it)! ;)

PS: clem, your screenshot seems confused certain people ;)
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Post by clem »

The Madventurer wrote:PS: clem, your screenshot seems confused certain people ;)
awwww :)
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