Any chance of making an MI1 MT-32 Soundtrack downloadable?

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Any chance of making an MI1 MT-32 Soundtrack downloadable?

Post by marzipan »

What I mean is have the MT-32 music from floppy MI1 available in MP3/OGG/FLAC form so that you can customise as to whether you want to hear it during Amiga MI1, PC CD MI1 or Sega CD MI1, stuff like that. It's something I certainly enjoy anyway! :-)

I attempted to make my own before - but in a hacky style of way - by just playing the game and recording the sound using Total Recorder, and then very carefully edit the subsequent wavs afterwards and add fade outs at the end etc. But I'm sure it would sound a lot better if done supposedly the proper way - recording from a real MT-32 - but unfortunately I don't have the appropriate hardware (MT-32, complex recording equipment etc). I did wonder why nobody at the Scumm Bar thought of this already, to be honest? The floppy soundtrack sounds dead great through it, that's for sure! 8)

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Post by E-Male »

it's not avaible on any of the sites dedicated to scumm/lucasarts/adventure-game soundtracks??

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Post by clem »

I'm not sure if recording the soundtrack would even be legal? Afterall the music is copyrighted by Lucasarts, if you rip & distribute that it'd be just like putting up ripped CDs.

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Post by JoeysAudioChip »

Done a bit of googling and came across this.

He uses a real MT-32. Not a lot of tracks on there but it's a start. :)

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