2007 Community Choice Awards: Final Ballot

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Post by clone2727 »

We made the cut to the final ballot of's second annual Community Choice Awards!

Thanks a bunch to everybody who voted for us. Now the final ballot is waiting for your votes. ScummVM is in the running for best project for gamers and best project!!! Just go to the Community Choice Awards and cast your vote.
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Post by nabla »

Done! Hope you will win this time...
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Post by md5 »

Great news :)
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Post by saulob »

Done my best :D

Wish you luck.
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Post by Adventureguy »

I voted both for you. Wish you the best luck that you're gonna be 1st place this time (at least in one category).
8) :D :mrgreen:
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Post by Raziel »


Is there some sort of prize to win, apart from letting the world now, that ScummVM is best?
(which we don't need a poll for, honestly) :-)

Post by Cricri »

I voted for ScummVM for best project and best game, and for XBMC in 4 other categories.
Good luck to both projects, I'm sure you'll get some well deserved awards :)
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Post by Firebird »

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Post by sev »

Thank you all for your votes.

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Post by Kaminari »

My most warm-hearted congratulations to you all.

ScummVM is one of the most unique retrogaming projects in existence. Its closest competitor in terms of scope and philosophy would be Gargoyle (Spatterlight), except Gargoyle is nowhere near as dynamic as it could be if it were open-source. That, and interactive fictions in general are nowhere near as popular as point & click adventures :)
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Post by md5 »

Congratulations from me as well to all the people who made this happen :) A big thanks to both the user community of ScummVM, and all the people who contributed to this great project 8)
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Post by PsYcO »

we won then?
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Post by JohnnyWalker2001 »

Congrats on winning! You deserve it!!
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Post by Glorfindel »

At last! Congratulations! (eMule is a new project? :shock: )
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Post by exofreeze »

PsYcO wrote:we won then?
yes.. you won..... :roll:
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