Broken sword 1 und 2 smacker videos - Recoding in DXA possib

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Post by mmoreira »

eriktorbjorn, thanks for the help man! I did not realise that scummvm now can play the original .smk videos! :oops:

So, it´s not necessary re-encode the videos.
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Post by bobdevis »

Glorfindel wrote:If I remember correctly some times ago in the irc channel one of the developer said he has the original BS1 cutscenes in .flc format (which were included in the source code, I think, and were without compression artifacts)
If they are still avaliable and if Revolution permit, it would be possible to encode them in DXA and put them online (so we can get the max quality)?
I hope those cutscenes are not IN the source code. That would be one hell of a textfile ;)
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Post by Tim20 »

I haven't tried them yet, but how well do the original .smk videos run on the PSP? Or is it still recommended to use the .dxa videos?

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Post by MarcYalla »

yes that extension file can run is PSP and can download also in isohunt.
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