Those 3 little red devil guys

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Those 3 little red devil guys

Post by Sunni25 »

Hi people

I have recently visited the SCUMM website and noticed some of the characters shown up at the top of the page. What i noticed first was those 3 little red gnome like devils. Now i remember playing the game when I was younger but cant think for the life of me what it was called. Any clues?

Also does anyone remember an old game called KGB I would love to get hold of it?


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Post by jg »

The three guys are from the game Gobliiins.

And I do remember hearing about KGB, but I can't remember playing it. I think it was also called "Conspiracy". Did a bit of googling, and here's a guy who got 0 bids on it on eBay: ... dZViewItem
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Post by dreammaster »

That would be Goblins, one of the newer non-lucasarts games that ScummVM now supports.
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Post by clem »

KGB is the disk version, it got released as Conspiracy on CD (with cheesy videos starring Donald Sutherland)

I got Conspiracy with my SB16/2x CD Drive back then, never liked it too much. It's incredibly easy to get stuck or die for no apparent reason. Also you can use your gun to shoot open any lock; try that on the bottm right door on the ground floor of the apartment building, you are in a room without background gfx :)
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Post by horror »

ah, kgb:) one of the hardest games i've played,

EDIT: okok
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Post by Dark-Star »

horror wrote:I know where to get it, but dunno if I can post the url here:)
If you don't know, then the answer ist most likely "NO" ;)
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Post by sev »

horror wrote:I know where to get it, but dunno if I can post the url here:)
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