Maniac Mansion demos

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Maniac Mansion demos

Post by marzipan »

I was just wondering whether more support would be implemented for the two Maniac Mansion demos anytime soon?

ScummVM at the moment can't detect the classic demo as it is, and if you rename the *.MAN files to *.LFL it assumes it's reading the full version and so complains of a missing *.LFL file.

The enhanced demo at least works, only the text during the introduction is missing (although the text during the tour works) and Dave isn't visible at all throughout.

Shouldn't take *too* long to modify a bit of existing MM code for these two surely? :)


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Post by sev »

I'd suggest you to submit those at our bug tracker. I personally wasn't aware of them, and I think I could fix at least detection problem.


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Post by MetaFox »

To quote an old post from khalek:

It does work.

Basically this contains identical LFL files to the full game (except they're called MAN files in the demo). The interpreter is hard wired to run script 9 on startup instead of the boot script.

You can run the demo with an option to the interpreter to start the demo, in ScummVM this is --demo-mode

Though, you are correct that it won't autodetect - adding detection for the demo and applying the demo-mode functions to it would be a good thing.

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