Should we have a For Sale subforum?

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Should we have a For Sale subforum?

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Post by joachimeberhard »

Adventureguy wrote:Anyway, when you just post links to on-line shops selling the games for a fixed price being still available for other costumers to buy, it's a good idea.
Actually, that would suffice for me.

I wouldn't even need a seperate forum.

I just want the possibility of asking in the forum if you know any good stores which still sells a particular game.

After all, that's how I got the English Broken Sword games, which I really prefer over the german ones. Without asking here, I still wouldn't know where to buy them.

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Post by Raziel »

Adventureguy wrote:Sure, it's good for the seller, but not if you want to buy the game as cheap as possible. Besides, if you have bad luck, you pay more money than if you had bought the game at an on-line shop.
edit:Ah, now I understand! A "For Sale" subforum where the users of this forum can sell their games! (But who would actually sell these good ol' games if that person hasn't a 2nd original copy of the game or desperately needs money :P )
I don't think you understand how e.g. eBay works, you NEVER pay too much, that's the MAXIMUM AMOUNT for.

Let's see you find Loom FM-Towns version originally wrapped, new and NEVER used
(hehe, the "Holy Grail" - hey, Indy around???) :-D

You see the price starts at 1$. You don't know how much this pearl will climb, but that's completely equal because YOU know what you want to pay at a MAX for this piece. So you type in your MAX, or wait and try in three or four steps, say your MAX will be 100$, which would be ridiculous until you are VERY lucky, because this game can climb to 500$ or more nowadays on eBay, even used or in bad shape, even without package

eBay will END bidding when your MAX is reached and you will loose NOTHING except the game, but still you didn't want to pay more than 100$.

So why do you pay too much?
OTOH i would NEVER bid on an article i can still get from a dealer, too much risk, sorry

Such an article on eBay will draw the fans and collectors sooner or later especially when you make enough noise on fan forums and the price will rise simultanesly the number of potential buyers will. I know this is again from the sellers POV, but seriously do you still believe eBay is for Buyers? ;-)

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