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Post by sev »

Ender wrote:The main missing piece that people could help with is some image work, which I'm not too good at. Mainly, removing the yellow aliasing from the various icons.
My impression is that those icons do not fit new layout well. I.e they should be different, probably red too.


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Post by clem »

like I said, don't count on me doing any more work on the forum redesign.

what a waste of time


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Post by Ender »

Sev is quite correct that they don't really match with the new design. Once the buttons are fixed up, it's just a matter of copying some new data over to the main forum and copying the template over.

Any help to make the icons/buttons match (whether just recoloured and resized, or remade completely) would be a big help.

Most of the time consuming prep work for the forums was completed during downtime on the 20th, so there is little more to do apart from smoothing out the icons and maybe tweaking a few fonts.

Further enhancements can happen once the template is live :)

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