OpenGL issues with PS2 version of EMI

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OpenGL issues with PS2 version of EMI

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Is it just me, or the PS2 version doesn't seem to get along well with OpenGL? I only get to work it right using Software, which graphics-wise seems to be more or less the same than using a PS2 emulator.

When using OpenGL, if I play the game windowed, althought it starts well, when you get to Melee Island, the bottom line of the screen always seems to be garbled, so you can't see text lines placed there. It's as if the game doesn't readjust resolutions well, since the PS2 version is using FMVs with less horizontal resolution, hence why that line seems to be stuck because of the FMV. But it's odd, because the game seems to start well in the ship scene (and that comes after a FMV scene), and it's when you properly start chapter 1 and arrive to Melee Island when it gets that problem.

If you play fullscreen, the problem is much worse, as the graphics tend to garble and you can't see pretty much anything. Totally unplayable that way.

Is this a known glitch/issue with the current state of the PS2 version of EMI, or I'm doing something wrong? It's a pity, because I want to play the PS2 version (I'm used to play the PC version) this way, but unless I rely to the somewhat slower and uglier Software mode, I seem to have no other choice.
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