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ResidualVM is hungry for new engines

Post by aquadran »

ResidualVM now can import more engines. So we are welcome volunters who willing implement or port engine for existing 3D game. For now there are three suggested engines to port into residual. TWIN-E and FITD are mentioned in a forum earlier. Both this engines besides port it need also continued work to support full working games and in case FITD extend full support for another parts for AiTD series.
There is also full available sources LGPL3.0 engine called Wintermute, it support some range of adventure games. So if anyone are willing to work on it please tell me.
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Post by Graxer »

I may point this out to the Little Big Adventure fan community. There is lots of programming talent among them and I would think someone there would be capable of working on Twin-e.
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Post by TheJoe »

Just a suggestion.

For cross-compatibility purposes, what about Telltale Tool games?

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Post by aquadran »

what about them ?
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Post by TheJoe »

I'm suggesting adding it to the list of needed engines, which I assume is a long-term focus.
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Post by Longcat »

No point in adding something no one is working on, and telltale are still developing actively, they probably aren't going to be to happy about that.

Are YOU going to do the work?
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Post by CavemanzZ »

Telltale engine. If possible.

If its not, in simple laymens terms, why not?

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Post by eriktorbjorn »

CavemanzZ wrote:Telltale engine. If possible.

If its not, in simple laymens terms, why not?
I can think of one possible reason against: It's still being actively developed and sold.

Even if Telltale Games didn't object to an open source version (which they very well might if, for instance, it made it too easy to bypass the activation of a game demo into the full game), without their active help we'd always be trailing behind the official version.
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Post by Morden »

I think people sometimes miss the point when it comes to engine interpreters. It's all about keeping the interest in old games alive.

I'd go as far as saying that if it wasn't for ScummVM, we wouldn't be playing new Monkey Island or Sam & Max games. Or any other adventure games for that matter, since the genre was almost dead before the whole ScummVM thing begun.

It's a shame that ResidualVM doesn't get the same amount of support, which is surprising, because there are more than a few games out there that ScummVM will never support, but they'd be perfect for ResidualVM.
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Post by MetallDragon »

How about Myst 4 (Revelation)?
It's almost 6 years old now, dunno if that's old enough, but it already doesn't run on nowadays Macs.

Myst 3 would be cool too, but I'm not sure if that would be more in the scope of ScummVm.
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Post by ezekiel000 »

Myst 3 uses a 3D bubble so it would come under ResidualVM.
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Post by clone2727 »

Ezekiel000 wrote:Myst 3 uses a 3D bubble so it would come under ResidualVMVM.
There's a bit more discussion back here about it.

Myst 4 uses the "ALIVE engine" according to Wikipedia. No idea about any of its internals.
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Post by loki1985 »

the following 3d games come to mind:

- gabriel knight 3
- broken sword 3
- simon the sorcerer 3d

i know all these games are not regarded highly by most adventure gamers, especially simon3. but with a certain amount of masochism and persistence, they can be fun.

the general problem i see here: while most adventure games in the old days used some script format (because of pretty complex scripts), i guess most newer 3d games tend to use hardcoded logic in the game executable or DLLs. such a case would creating support for the engine pretty cumbersome.

maybe, if i find the time and motivation, i will look into adding some support for one of those games in the future... probably GK3 which i regard as the most important of the 3.

another thing which i would probably enjoy even more is adding general support for the early resident evil games (1 to 3). but i am not sure if residual is the right place for such an engine, also i guess the exe/DLL script issue described above applies here....
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Post by savedbyzero »

what about Bioforge (the one by Origin Systems), it's a little like AITD in space... :oops:
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Post by Blooglspash »

ResidualVM could support the 3D Tex Murphy games and realMyst someday.
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