[Gob engine] Méwilo, an attempt at RE

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[Gob engine] Méwilo, an attempt at RE

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Last night, I've grabbed all the copies of Méwilo I could find online, for both Amiga and Atari ST, and I wanted to have a look at the scripts and data files.

Scripts TOT and I00 files are identical between Atari and Amiga. The have the same md5 checksum.

However, the degob tool is unable to decompile them, because the file structure is different from the later games like Geisha and Fascination.

I would like to know if anyone have already tried to reverse-engineer Méwilo. It's a very rare game. I could find any available copies to buy online, aside from a 500 euros German copy on ebay. There was an attempt at funding for a remake that didn't make it.

Anyway, it was fun to have a look at the ScummVM source code. The Gob engine is very interesting, and I've learned some things about scripting languages for game engines.

But I'm not familiar with this kind of hardcore reverse engineering, and I'm completely unfamiliar with the Atari ST, or the Amiga platform, or the 68k processor.

Anyway, if any of the developer is familiar with the Gob engine, or Atari debugging, or Amiga debugging, I'm totally hyped to get started on Méwilo!

But I would need a little guidance first. Any clues are welcome.
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