Star Trek 25th Ani/Judgement Rites Sprites - Anyone?

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Star Trek 25th Ani/Judgement Rites Sprites - Anyone?

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I didn't know where would be the most appropriate place to post this in, since it's not exactly a Scmmvm issue so I thought Help was out, so I eventually settled for General Discussion.

And I'll keep this rather brief so that I do not waste anyone's time with my request.

I've been trying to rip the sprites from the Star Trek game 25th Anniversary but I've been... Let's say less than successful. Unsure of the correct way to do that I started googling how to rip sprites from Dosgames and that didn't lead me with much hopes at all. But I stumbled across a post on this forum that stated that one person was in possession of the sprites so, my question is:

Do anyone have the sprites here and are willing to share them?

ADD: Well after waiting a week, I guess no one has them.
If anyone used to have them, then they are long gone from here. ~
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