Putt Putt and Humongous Ent. games emulation on SCUMMVM

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Putt Putt and Humongous Ent. games emulation on SCUMMVM

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Hi, first off, thanks for the wonderful software and the many updates you've applied to it as it really helped me enjoy a variety of classic and entertaining Adventure games.

I recently considered going through H. Entertainment's library of Adventure games such as Putt Putt and Pajama Sam. When editting at least Putt Putt 1, I find that it cannot detect MT-32 Roland nor any soundfonts, so I am stuck with the DOS audio for playing through the game.
Here are some audio samples of the intro music for comparison-

So what I'd like to inquire about is can we expect an update to SCUMMVM so that these games can be played with Soundfonts or MT-32 audio?
If such audio customization can be done, I'd appreciate knowing how to do it.

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