Translating Monkey Island Ultimate Talkie Edition

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Translating Monkey Island Ultimate Talkie Edition

Post by Darkbluesky » Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:26 am


I was willing to replay MI1 in the Ultimate Edition with all the fixes and corrections, midi plus MI2 UI, etc. But I find myself only playing it, if it is in spanish, like I played it for the first time. So I have been learning how to do that so I can play it (I hope this will not be a problem). I came with an editing path/plan defined but I have found a problem that I can't overcome.

I am replacing chapter backgrounds ('Part One...' etc) by the MI1VGA ones which were in spanish, the verbs (changing location as they were in the original spanish version), and of course, dialogues/texts. Voices will remain as they are in english, of course.

A. My plan has been to unpack MISpecial Edition (MISE) monkey1.pak with MISE Explorer (or extractpak), DUMP its contents with scummpacker, replace chapter images with scummimg, pack it back with scummpacker, and pack it back to MISE monkey1.pak with MISE Dialog Translate, Repacker function. Then apply the Ultimate .bat (tried only changing chapters backgrounds, to rule out other possible causes).

After all of this, I have tested the resulting monkey1.000 and monkey1.001 files in my CD version and also -repacked- in my MISE copy. They work just fine on both.

The problem is that Ultimate Talkie mod, misses completely the creation of monkey.000 file. It indeed creates a monkey.001 file but not the other. I have tried several times, no luck. I don't have idea why and how I can solve this. I have verified that inside the created monkey1.pak file, they are indeed both, monkey1.000 and monkey1.001. I also verified that re Repacker works fine, I tested it with the original MISE files and repacked them. Ultimate builds up correctly, so it seems that the Repacker function is fine.

B. I had other alternative, to start working on Ultimate Talkie and to edit its monkey.000 & monkey.001 files. But here the problem comes sooner. scummpacker does not recognize them, as they are non-standard monkey.000/001 files. Thus I can't use at a later stage, scummimg to inject the chapter backgrounds. On the other hand I indeed can dump them with scummrp but then I don't know a way to inject the spanish chapter images in the scummrp dump.

Note on injecting images
In order to replace images (chapter ones) I can only use scummimg, as the other one (Scumm Editor) has some problems: it seems to do the job but you finish with a flat blue screen instead of the chapter one. ScummRevisited allows only to export, and not to import. Scummrp will dump all contents, but there is no way, I am aware of, to replace images…so to pack them back later.

And scummimg, for scumm v5 games, needs to be used with a dump created by scummpacker.

It seems I am in a dead end. Do you have some advice/hint to try overcome these problems? Thanks a lot!

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Re: Translating Monkey Island Ultimate Talkie Edition

Post by Praetorian » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:23 am

Your second method seems more viable to me.

What is the command you are running for scummpacker to extract the classic resource files (which were modified by ultimate talkie)? And what is the specific error you're getting?

Scummpacker has two options for the --game switch for Monkey Island 1; MI1CD or MI1CDalt. Have you tried both?

Also Scummpacker is open source, so perhaps it would be easy to modify and make it work for the custom / patched classic resources, if it does not work as is.

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Re: Translating Monkey Island Ultimate Talkie Edition

Post by rzil » Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:04 pm

I've solved the same problem this way:

dumped original CD edition (I've used scummrp but should be the same with scummpacker, I assume)
using ScummEditor I've replaced the title image of CD edition (not Ultimate Talkie Edition)
dumped edited version (with the image replaced) to another directory
diff the 2 dump directories to find different files

replaced the same dumped files with dumped version on talkie
repacked dumped version with replaced files using scummrp

(actually it should also work with different files only... but you have to make sure you have the correct directory structure this way)

Hope it helps,
please feel free to ask if you need more help

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Re: Translating Monkey Island Ultimate Talkie Edition

Post by Sushi » Sun Apr 07, 2019 12:07 am

I have followed your suggested approach to port my translated images to the Ultimate Talkie Edition too.
It works very well, except that my Title seems to be off for some reason. There are transparent parts in the words "Monkey Island"
It is almost as if one specific hue of pink/purple is transparent.
Note that the adapted upper part of the title and z-plane that I modified are fine.
The transparent specs are in the untouched part of the image.


indeed, the pink RGB value (171,0,171) is transparent in the Ultimate Talkie edition, while it wasn't before.
I'll need to replace that color with a slightly different one.

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