Graphic conversion in realtime - Feature request

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Winston Smith 101
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Graphic conversion in realtime - Feature request

Post by Winston Smith 101 »

I have an idea or feature request for an upcoming ScummVM version.

My idea is to be able to emulate/create game versions that never appeared, in realtime. For example a fictitious Amiga or EGA version of e.g. Brocken Sword 1 or other VGA/Super VGA/or newer Games.

I imagine ScummVM converting the graphics of the game in realtime into the target resolution, the palette and the number of colors and displaying the result on the screen. So that on the screen the impression is created that the graphics could come from an Amiga, C64 or CGA/EGA PC System for example. Depending on the game, I think this could be something new and attractive.

My idea is of course based on the idea of converting the graphics of a newer game down to an older system. Not to a newer/better system.

It would be great if there would be this possibility. Nowadays there should be enough computing power on many PCs.

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Re: Graphic conversion in realtime - Feature request

Post by MusicallyInspired »

Neat idea. Similar to how Sierra's hi-res EGA640.DRV dithering driver for SCI11 games worked.

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