ScummVM and Cyan, Inc. are working together!

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ScummVM and Cyan, Inc. are working together!

Post by rootfather »

Today, we have some awesome news to share. As you might have heard, Cyan, Inc. — the makers of Myst and Riven — are re-releasing the entire Myst series to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original Myst game. And ScummVM and ResidualVM take part in this celebration in a special way!

Myst — Masterpiece Edition and Riven — The Sequel to Myst are powered by ScummVM, while Myst III — Exile is driven by ResidualVM.

In order to achieve the best possible gaming experience and to make your journey through the Ages even more pleasant, Cyan and ScummVM are establishing a new partnership, with both teams working together as closely as possible in the future!

Perhaps the ending has not yet been written — more news will follow soon!

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Post by MusicallyInspired »

Nice! One of the rare instances where we can get a far closer resemblance to the original engines by having access (even in some limited way?) to the source code. Especially for ResidualVM! This is a nice boost for that project's notoriety.

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Post by Reckless »

Great news for the project and future players of the Myst series.

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Post by ps3d »

If I recall, Myst was based on a heavily modified HyperCard stack with a custom color plug-in (HyperCard did not support native color). Given that there is not only earlier Cyan games that use HyperCard (Cosmic Osmo, which was re-released on Steam but used some decidedly modern transitions, for instance) but also many, many other stand-alone stacks released in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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Post by digitall »

ps3d: Only the original Myst for Macintosh release used a modified Hypercard stack as the engine. See:
and ... e_overview

The PC releases used the Mohawk engine which is what ScummVM reimplements, so this isn't useful for running Hypercard stacks:

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