Pajama Sam 1 (Steam) intermittent soft-lock

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Nicholas Steel
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Pajama Sam 1 (Steam) intermittent soft-lock

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I had a situation in the Kitchen in Darkness's House where after clicking on various things to listen to them I clicked the fridge and the game got stuck repeatedly playing the voice clip for the fridge over-and-over, the game never gave me back control of the mouse courser so I had to force the game shut :/ (The first game has no Save function and ScummVM's Save State function is grayed out? Edit: Can apparently press "S" to save in the first game).

Oh and the Fridge animations stopped playing while its audio clip kept looping too.

I tried to repeat the situation but it kept working without issue during my attempts to reproduce the problem which is annoying.

I have a feeling I ran in to a similar issue with the game when using the version of ScummVM the Steam game came with (years ago) which put me off of even trying to complete the game but my memory is a bit fuzzy.

No clue if the issue is a game specific issue or ScummVM issue.

ScummVM 2.0.0
Windows 10
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