Pause /Break Key Equivalent For ScummVM?

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Pause /Break Key Equivalent For ScummVM?

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In the PC versions of Scumm and AGI/SCI games, if you pressed on the Pause/Break key on the keyboard, the game would freeze but keep the music playing. Since trying out ScummVM, I haven't been able to find any similar functionality (by the press of a button) in ScummVM. I know it's not the same thing, and that the latter doesn't retain all the features of the original games but I thought I'd try anyway.
And yes, I know about pressing space in scumm games pauses the game, but that has the adverse effect of pausing the music too...

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Post by MusicallyInspired »

Every game and game engine is programmed/scripted differently. Sierra games allowed music to play when the game is paused. LucasArts games didn't.

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