Foxtail (Wintermute Engine) Runtime Assertion Error

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Foxtail (Wintermute Engine) Runtime Assertion Error

Post by philthethrill »

I bought FoxTail on GOG today and I thought it would work with ScummVM because it was made with the Wintermute Engine. I tried to run the game and I got this error message.

MinGW Runtime Assertion

Assertion failed!

Program C:\Program Files (x86)\ScummVM\scummvm.exe
File: /data/sharedrepo/common/memorypool.cpp, Line 67

Expression: page.numChunks * _chunkSize < 16*1024*1024

I tried the latest stable version and the latest development build. Both gave me the same error message.
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Post by Longcat »

Might be because Wintermute is not fully supported yet. Only a few games work.
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Post by lb_ii »

I'm currently working on adding FoxTail support to ScummVM.

I have contacted FoxTail developers - they have forked WinterMute engine and added some stuff to it. Most of it can be detected through LOG() of unimplemented methods, some was discovered while reading the source code of game scripts (I have written a WinterMute decompiler for this purpose, huh).

After reimplementing part of new features (like, removing array elements by index, splitting strings by character, hiding selected item at inventory box, etc) and adding some code stubs (like, getting RGB value of a pixel of subsurface, changing screen mode, etc) I've got it to the state when game is completable with some medium&minor issues. The worst part right now is that resulting performance sucks. When I start/load a new game - everything works smoothly and nicely. If I stay on a same scene with lots of objects for too long - game becomes veeery slow which is very annoying.

What is the best tool to profile mingw-built ScummVM? Something seems to be leaking and/or taking too much time.
Are there known performance issues with other WinterMute games? I wonder if issue is related to actual game scripts or not.
Whom should I contact on WinterMute Lite related questions?
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Re: Foxtail (Wintermute Engine) Runtime Assertion Error

Post by GusCE6 »

I have a 2001 Sony VAIO, Windows XP, 256MB RAM, 800MHz processor, 1024 x 768 16/24-Bit graphics, that I have trying to get "Foxtail" running on for a while (the standalone GOG version).

No luck, even with Swiftshader 2.1 or 3-D Analyze.

I downloaded ScummVM 2 from this site, and while it did install it would almost immediately crash when clicked.

However, Swiftshader did manage to get it running.

My question here is: is ScummVM a completely self-contained emulator, that is, if a game runs on it then ANY device able to run the emulator can run the game, regardless of anything else? Running the game via WINE in Puppy Linux mode failed on the Sony but worked with the same Operating System and WINE version on the ASUS.

"Foxtail" has certain problems on any system, including the "purple square" glitch and crashing when giving certain items to Granny. Leah's walking speed can vary too. So any such problem would not be ScummVM-related.

If the programmers here can get the game working and it does run on the Sony then that would be just superb, and absolutely worth a donation.

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