Gabriel Knight 1: Any difference between DOS /Windows ver?

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Gabriel Knight 1: Any difference between DOS /Windows ver?

Post by The_cranky_hermit »

I noticed that ScummVM 2.0 supports both versions. What's the difference, as far as ScummVM is concerned?
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Post by LouEatingSalami »

I don't think there's any difference apart from the windows version using a native windows executable.
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Post by snover »

The most obvious difference is that DOS and Windows versions of this game have different videos. The DOS videos don’t include audio, so the DOS version plays synthesised music in some places where the Windows version plays sampled audio. There are also some places where one version plays video and the other one shows static images only (see this bug). There are some more minor changes too, like differences in the amount of time the game waits in time-based puzzles, which are unlikely to be noticed during normal gameplay.
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