MT32 settings for Pre Packaged game.

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MT32 settings for Pre Packaged game.

Post by Chris-red »

Hi Guys,

I have Revolation Software's 25th Anniversary Collection. Most of the old(er) games run using SCUMMVM emulation.

I am trying to enable MT32 Midi for Beneath a Steel Sky.

I have put the MT32 ROMs in...
C:\Program Files (x86)\Revolution 25th Anniversary Collection\1994 - Beneath a Steel Sky\ScummVM

I have edited my config file this is what it looks like now (the asterisks indicate lines I added but aren't present in the actual file)

Code: Select all

description=Beneath a Steel Sky (v0.0372 cd)
path=C:\Program Files (x86)\Revolution 25th Anniversary Collection\1994 - Beneath a Steel Sky\

Any ideas how to get it to work? If I open ScummVM it just boots to the Game, with the standard music.


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Post by tsoliman »

If you’re trying to get nicer music than adlib, there’s a digital soundtrack available from James Woodcock for BASS and a few other games. Highly recommended. ... t-project/

No need to mess with ROMs or do any special setup/config. Just drop the digital audio files into the game directory.

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