what's happened with cloud storage integration

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what's happened with cloud storage integration

Post by mike_vectra_a »

Thank you very much for releasing Scummvm 2.0.
It's amazing.

But I don't find the cloud storage integration which Alexander Tkachev (a.k.a. Tkachov) made in the Google Summer of Code 2016.

What's happened with it?

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Post by OmerMor »

According to this commit, it was disabled due to the outdated toolchain.
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Post by criezy »

That commit is only for the Dingux platform.
The reason why cloud storage integration was disabled for the 2.0.0 release is because it was not yet completely ready for release. Since the 2016 GSoC some known issues were fixed, but it needs more testing and probably a review of its security (we want to make sure that it will not allow malicious usage that may compromise your cloud account or computer).
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